Photo Exhibit

Nakaghlleq Photo Exhibit  - Connecting life, land, and sea ~ Sivuqaq to Russia

Starting at 5 pm on Februaruy 7, John Apangalook School -  The photo exhibit will be displayed at the John Apangalook School from February 7-8; part of the exhibit will remain on permanent display in Gambell. Photographs share stories from across the Bering including work by  Rodney (Buddy) Ungwiluk, Jr. - Gambell, Afanassi Makovnev - Gambell and Savoonga (1989), Jan Oelker - Chukotka and Gambell (1992-1995), and Victor Gumenyuk - Kamchatka

The photo exhibit will feature the work of Rodney (Buddy) Ungwiluk, Jr. He has served in numerous leadership capacities including with the Native Village of Gambell, Alaska Native Corporation Sivuqaq, and the Norton Sound Health Corporation. He is a hunter, and photographer whose work has been published internationally including most recently by the American Birding Association. His work unveils connections between life, land, and sea in Gambell. 

Nakaghlleq refers to  a stretch of ice between two places (as small as the lake, or as large as Gambell to Russia.  Thank you to Petu Koonooka (through his work with Chester Noongwook), and Clement Ungott and Eddie Ungott,  for suggesting this name, when asked, "'how can we symbolize connecting over ice from Russia and Gambell'?"