Cultural Night from across the bering sea

Sunday February 4 - Starting at 7 pm  

Join us for a Cultural Night from Across the Bering Sea. Indigenous scholars and artists from the ARCTICenter at the University of Northern and the ARC NAV research project will present stories and dance from their homelands. Tatiana Degai (Itelmen, Kamchatka) and Polina Syadeyskaya (Nenets, Yamal) will share dancing and stories from the Itelmen and Nenets People.  Door prizes!

Community Atuq will follow. 

We invite the community to join us for dancing, games, and lively discussion.

Nakaghlleq refers to  a stretch of ice between two places (as small as the lake, or as large as Gambell to Russia.  Thank you to Petu Koonooka (through his work with Chester Noongwook), and Clement Ungott and Eddie Ungott,  for suggesting this name, when asked, "'how can we symbolize connecting over ice from Russia and Gambell'?"