Tools, Games, and Data

Phot by Sergey Furman in Tilichiki, Russia

EcoChains: Arctic Futures 

In the EcoChains: Arctic Futures digital game, players learn about Arctic marine system interactions, come to understand current and future risks, and practice strategic responses. 

Learn relationships between Arctic marine species

Understand how the Arctic marine system depends on sea ice

Respond strategically to changing conditions

EcoChains: Arctic Futures

English -- 

EcoChains: Taimanigu Irrituruami

Iñupiaq -- 

Print-and-play card game

Iñupiaq  Translation by Elder Nutaaq Doreen Simmonds. Based on EcoChains: Arctic Life, a 2-player card game by Stephanie Pfirman and Joey J. Lee, winner of the 2017 Parents Choice .  


ice*ice*arctic is a new card game based on Kifikmi Sigum Qanuq Ilitaavut - Wales Iñupiaq Sea Ice Dictionary by Winton Weyapuk Jr. and Igor Krupnik (2012). Through photographs, definitions, and gameplay, players learn the many different types of sea ice in the vicinity of Wales, Alaska and their importance to Wales Iñupiat.

The ice*ice*arctic game is available as a print-and-play card game   

Arctic SMARTIC -- Strategic Management of Resources in Times of Change

In the Arctic SMARTIC role-playing game, 4-7 players work together to devise a consensus strategy to steward the Arctic marine region into the future. Through this simulation, participants come to understand how the priorities of Arctic rights holders and stakeholders interact and change over time and space. Learn priorities of Arctic rights holders and stakeholders 

SITU | sea ice tracking utility

SITU enables tracking of sea ice with a starting location and time selected, the motion vector data are retrieved and applied to the parcel from the beginning to the end of the selected time interval. Time can be set to go forward or backward. The ice drifts are combined with ice concentration maps to distinguish between formation (or melting) of ice and existing ice drifting into (or out of) a location. Supported with prior external funding - SITU provides a foundation for conversations about sea ice change and has significant decision support potential. 

G.G. Campbell, S. Pfirman, B. Tremblay, R. Newton, W. Meier, C. Fowler. The Ice Tracker.

coproduction of sea ice science 

The team is developing a database of all Arctic sea ice research (available through Scopus). The team is analyzing the scholarship for the type of extent of participatory research methods and coproduction with Indigenous communities. Preliminary results were presented at the International Association for the Study of the Commons Anthropocene Virtual Conference in 2021.  

Photo by Sergey Furman